How Is Inspiration Different From Other Education Franchises?

As you may be aware, Canada is preparing for over half a million new immigrants a year, many coming from non-English speaking backgrounds. In order to “catch up” to their Anglophone peers, parents look for quality supplementary support. However, not all systems are the same with each one having a different emphasis and methodology. For example, some offer a large-group format where students work quietly, supported only by one tutor. This makes it difficult to get access, compromising the progress that the student could make. 

While we do offer world-class tutoring, our focus is more holistic in nature. We look at the student as a whole, with a unique set of interests, skills and barriers. New franchisees are put through a vigorous training program, developing the skills needed to analyze, support and inspire young minds. This develops trust and loyalty in the families that we serve, seeing us as a trusted link in the chain. Sometimes we have to tell families hard truths, like when a student is given an inflated grade, lacking the skills to excel in a new school. While it can be difficult to hear things of this nature, our education network offers solutions to every problem. 

The Inspiration Approach

Part of our approach is “thinking outside the box”, taking every piece of information into consideration. Rather than exploring a museum or a science centre, many are addicted to video games and cannot focus on anything of value. This is not limited to just one family, with many students underperforming due to poor time management. Franchisees learn to schedule extra-curricular activities in addition to educational family outings. Whether it be going to the beachWinterfest, or the Markham Fair, parents want to know how to give their children the childhood that they deserve. While this may seem like a “bit much to bite” to some, rest assured that we offer support seven days a week. There is never a situation when some is alone, without someone to call and seek guidance from. Our training allows partners to determine what the problem is and how to solve it. This is done through formal training and “learning by observing and doing”. As such, much of the training takes place at an operational learning centre, allowing you to see how everything comes together. 

Effective Tutor And Support

This is the opposite of public school education, where 30+ students are crammed into a classroom, expected to work independently. While this may work for some high school students, this is ineffective and tedious for others. As stated above, every student is brilliantly diverse with a unique learning profile. Individual-and small group-classes allow for progress and growth. By partnering with Inspiration, you will continue our mission, serving families from Canada and around the world. 

Long Term Return

Unlike other ventures, we are not looking at a short term return. Many of our students have siblings already enrolled with us, taking the same path that their brother (or sister) took before them. Franchisees learn to build value for their families, helping their children reach their potential. In other words, you build yourself by building others. 

Are you in?


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