Booming Industry

Canada is expected to bring in 465,000 new permanent residents in 2023, 485,000 in 2024 and 500,000 in 2025. Many from this figure come from non-English speaking countries. These youngsters will need supplemental educational support to help them transition successfully. As like many “investors with a heart”, you too are interested in opening up either a learning center or a private school. It is an amazing way to develop financially while (at the same time) building up the local community. 

There are different options within this specific industry, each offering a different product and approach. While are reliant mainly on proprietary workbooks and other forms of media, Inspiration Learning Center develops an Individualised Lesson Plan, catered specifically to the child’s learning profile. That means that some students get advanced enrichment while others get remedial help, opening the door to a solid report card. 

While all franchises require an investment cost, some are more reasonable than others. Furthermore, some mandate high fees and other costs, making it difficult to maintain solid margins. While Inspiration has lower financial obligations than many others in the sector, our moral expectations are among the highest in the industry. In other words, we are looking for partners who are committed to education, whether they have a specific background in the field or not. While we can train someone to seek-and retain-quality tutors, we cannot teach someone to value learning and community participation. That emanates from within, wanting to earn one’s livelihood by providing students with a path to success. 

Some brands require large spaces, located in specific areas in designated buildings. All of these specifications are limiting, making it difficult to find the right place to lease. In the current year, customer traffic comes mostly from word of mouth and online, neither of which necessitates a huge sign or a lavish suite. Rather than spend money on overhead, you can keep your costs low and work on growing your business. Inspiration is more than just an award-winning educational franchise, it is also a family that transcends ethnicity, language, religion, and gender. While some brands are marred with scandal and controversy, we have been awarded for “Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity” by the Canadian Franchise Association. This attests to our commitment to multiculturalism, giving every a chance to be their own boss and achieve the Canadian Dream. 

While a dream is the “big picture”, the path there is a series of mechanisms, steps, and other other processes. If they are not balanced and managed, things can easily fall apart. Inspiration knows that it takes time to learn the robes and begin to feel comfortable. For example, some will offer you an instructional manual, without explaining the reasoning behind it. We know that we can only grow together as a group, with seasoned franchisees offering to guide newcomers in all facets of the business. 

Becoming An Educator

One of the best ways to learn is by doing. At first you will be taking on a passive role, learning how educational consultations are done by observing an expert in action. You will see what tools are at their disposal, which advice they offer to specific situations. Our network is vaste, allowing us to refer students to a person that is best suited to help. While the parents may come in with a “lot of information”, you will learn how to pick out the key details and address their concerns methodologically. As time goes on, you will find yourself taking on a more active role, guiding your own families independently. 

Taking Out The Guesswork

Instead of choosing applicants randomly, you will learn “red and green flags” that signal either disqualification or qualification. 

Instead of wasting your money on unguided advertising attempts, we will guide your marketing in tandem with our national campaigns. 

Instead of learning poor business practices, we will get you set up in our systems, which will ensure that everything is organised and efficient. 

Your Future Is Calling

Whether you already operate many businesses-or this is your first-we want you to know that the supplemental education sector is booming. While many parents want to help their children with homework, many cannot and delegate their responsibilities to us. We invite you to come to our HQ for a tour around our school, giving you an idea of what we are all about.