It can be difficult to start a business, sorting through all of the legal formalities and so forth. Once you get all of the house-cleaning in order, it is time to focus on your marketing plan. Like other businesses you will need to create a public profile, a unique brand that stands out in the community. In other words, while there may be many schools (or tutoring centres), yours will be unique and interesting. As part of the Inspiration brand, you will benefit from twenty years of goodwill, twenty years of allowing students to overcome barriers and achieve their dreams. This is quite a story, one that needs to be told. You will be in the driver’s seat, controlling how others view you and your school.

Inspiration offers a comprehensive marketing campaign, communicating to the world about our general network, structure and resources. While this is helpful at generating general interest, it is up to the franchisees to tailor this message to the people in their community. This can take many forms but starts with social media. Our initiation team will help set up your profiles, ensuring that the brand colourism reflects our signature blue and yellow. Furthermore, we will connect you with other franchisees and experts, allowing for easy communication and the sharing of media. It is important to remember that social media is promoted based on engagement, whether it be shares, likes or comments. This signals to the search engine that this media is relevant and likely to drive future traffic. Social media makes their money from advertising, getting paid more when more people are active on their platform.

Post Daily
Social media is filled with millions of businesses, each catering to a specific niche. It is helpful to offer two different types of posts: general interest and direct sales. The first category will encourage traffic without directly offering a package or service. The second option is offering a promotional package, priced low enough to cause people to develop curiosity. This can be achieved through videos, whether of yourself, school or other media. The purpose is to discuss the problems that families face and show how you solve them. While families may be worried about the situations that they face, your role is to provide both comfort and solutions. In other words, do not place blame on anyone and reinforce positivity. This can be a very emotionally sensitive time, especially considering how much emphasis families place on their childrens’ education.

Word Of Mouth

We all have a social circle. We meet people through school, work and other community events. People often ask, “what do you do for work”? This is a great chance to say that you run a private school, offering tutoring and high school credits. The conversation might evolve, with a parent discussing a poor report card or an upcoming grade. Instead of being pessimistic, offer the parent a free consultation, giving them the tools that they need to make the right decisions. You could also offer to let their student sit in on a free class, showing that you care and that you are in their corner. Once they agree, pair the student up with your best teacher, ensuring that the family is blown away by the care that they receive. Assuming that everything goes smoothly-and it should-you know have a family that will (potentially) refer other families to you.

While we give you the physical branding, it is your personality and charisma that brings it to life. Rather than starting off with something new, people have become accustomed to our brand over the past two decades. This is reflected in many of our students going on to attend prestigious universities, whether it be in Canada or around the world. Our story is dynamic and fluid, changing to meet the needs of everyone involved and is willing to adapt furthermore more.


Your training team will get you started quickly and efficiently. This means that you will have to learn on the go, taking notes on either your phone or a notepad. There are many steps that need to be taken during this time and you should try to keep yourself organised. In terms of student recruitment, make sure that you respond to every comment as quickly as possible, offering kindness of generosity. You should let them know that this is common and that you would be thrilled to offer them a free consultation. Let them know that regardless of whether they sign on in the future-or not-they will have more information than they have known. Your kindness will encourage kindness, encouraging the parents to place value in what we have to offer.