Angel, Diogo and I had an awesome time this weekend, manning our booth at the National Franchise Show. We got to meet individuals and families from across Canada, even some visiting from fall off places. Many were interested to learn about our methodology, where we combine western and eastern teaching methodologies, giving our kids the greatest chance at success. However, it is also to explain the day-to-day functions of a franchisee, in terms of lifestyle, expectations, priorities and so forth.

Some of our partners are interested in doing the job full time, running the center as both the manager and director. This is great for those who have the time and are looking to save money, by paying only tutors as opposed to administrative staff. While this means working everyday (to manage tutors, parents and other formalities) it does not mean that you need to be there everyday. Our centers are (generally) open 6 days a week, with tutors coming in independently once there is a level of comfort. Provided that your team is well trained, you can do much of the work from home and have your teachers take on different responsibilities as they come up.

Other investors have full time jobs (or other businesses), seeking a passive income once everything is set up. This would require us training your management team, either online or at our Markham HQ. That way they will have all of the tools needed to succeed, learning things like (but not limited to): payroll, recruitment, tutoring and management software, marketing, analysing report cards, overseeing academic plans and more. The training is comprehensive and “hold your hand” every step of the way. While it is impossible to answer every question that might arise, you will learn the processes and procedures that solve problems and find resolutions. Of course, HQ (and regional managers) are here to support you from every angle, even if something occurs outside of the regular business hours. In terms of role preparation, there are no educational systems that offer such a holistic model, turning investors into school principals.

While not all of our franchisees have direct teaching experience, all value education and see it as the mechanism for success. Our value is our benefit, allowing students – from all backgrounds – to improve their grades, get into a great university and get the job of their dreams. This means that you will have to source your tutors carefully, ensuring that they both understand and agree without a paradigm. While this may seem easy at face value, not every candidate is the right fit for this position as they may have the knowledge but not the ability to influence change in others. Our training will discuss details like this, allowing you to learn from our 20 years of experience rather than reinventing the wheel.

Regardless of their desired level of involvement, you will earn dividends both financially and in the pride you get from seeing your students flourish. There is nothing better than seeing your kids bring home a solid report card, especially after having problems either academically or socially. We are an open and inclusive environment, accepting everyone as they are, without caveat or pretence. You will meet an amazing group of people, professionals who see themselves as part of our community, people who are heading the same way that you are.

We cannot wait to meet you!

The Inspiration Franchise Team

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