Last October we had the opportunity to meet many amazing businesspeople, both Canadian and international, at the Canadian Franchise show in Etobicoke. Our team was overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of the interest shown, with our business and academic model resonating with both seasoned and new entrepreneurs. We know that our community values our services, as they create academic excellence in our students and financial success in our franchisees.

We are excited to meet you once again, this time at the National Franchise Show on January 13th-4th, at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. Located next to the Rogers Centre and Skydome, the event takes place in the North Pavilion at booth #712. You won’t be able to miss up, just look for the yellow and blue signage and the smiling faces welcoming you to our presentation. You will meet our tutors, principals, administrators and members of our franchise development team.

Did you know that we are offering a unique expansion benefit this year, allocating up to $20,000 dollars to qualified franchisees, targeted and funnelled towards your grand opening? Led by our expert marketing team, we will facilitate web and foot traffic using SEO, traditional print advertising, public relations leverage and other strategies? We know that your success is our success and we are fully committed to seeing you realise your potential, allowing you to build yourself by building your community in the process. These types of “win-win” scenarios are a hallmark of our brand vision, allowing the fruits of our “East Meets West” methodology to come to fruition.

Entrepreneurship Inspiration Learning Center
Entrepreneurship Inspiration Learning Center Canada 2024

While starting your own business can be daunting, our turn-key operation allows you to “hit the ground running” and start taking on clients from day one. This is due to our comprehensive training program, which prepares you for hiring tutors, understanding academic documents, overseeing academic planning, managing business processes and planning for the future. Our support system is unmatched and this is one of the reasons for our continued success, whether it be industry awards (CFA), government recognition (Ontario provincial government, local mayors, etc) and the longevity of our stakeholders and families.


We sure are!

Feel free to drop by and learn about how you can serve the millions of Canadian families, both established and those new to the country. We are proud to be the bridge between dreams and actualization. We are confident that you will be inspired by our mission, working together for a better future for all of us.

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