This is far from just clickbait. You could break from your role as an employee and become the principal of your very own learning center and private school. While learning centers offer tutoring (and academic support) in all areas of focus, the private school portion is accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education and allows you to issue high school credits, Ontario Secondary School Diplomas and even recruit students from other countries. Assuming that they meet the academic and financial requirements for entry (both to your school and to Immigration Canada), you can offer them a letter of acceptance and help facilitate their Canadian educational adventure.

While this may seem overwhelming, we assure you that this is a turn-key operation, due to the support and resources offered to you. Before you ask, you do not need to be a teacher in order to qualify for our franchise program. While teaching (or instructional) experience is a bonus, we are looking for candidates with a clean criminal record, passion for young people, strong problem solving skills, ambition and empathy. We are confident that you will excel in our in-house training program, where you and a partner come to our Markham HQ to learn the mechanism (and processes) for success, all supported by our regional managers (nearly) around the clock. That means that you will never be on your own and you will be building on our 21 years of success.

Empower your education journey with our private school franchise. Turn dreams into reality, supported by 21 years of success!

This is a very exciting time for us at Inspiration. We currently have 13 campuses located across Canada, both in the Greater Toronto Area and in Vancouver British Columbia. We have many lucrative markets available, giving you the choice to balance lifestyle and economic success. You put your in the driver seat, allowing you to work full time or to hire an administrator to keep things working while you tend to your other priorities. For those who are parents and grandparents, this is a great way to combine your personal commitment to education with your business venture, enriching them through the teachers that you hire, becoming wiser with every successive year. This is why we have chosen a career in this industry, especially the benefits that come from the Inspiration brand.


We are offering the next 5 franchisees the opportunity to secure $20,000 in marketing initiatives and strategies, ensuring that your grand opening is a complete success. We know that we can only grow together, develop web and food traffic to both our HQ and our local campuses. Our brand is stellar, a trusted name in alternative education, providing families a path to the Canadian Dream. In other words, as Canada prepares to accept millions of more immigrants, we are getting ready to support them in all facets of their education. From kindergarten all the way through to university and beyond. This is no easy feat and we are looking for people who believe in our mission and are passionate about investing in families, something that pays financial and abstract emotional dividends.

Next step?

If you are interested in our network, feel free to reach out so we can arrange a presentation for you. It can be held either online or in person, taking roughly an hour or so. It gives you an opportunity to ask questions and see how you could fit in with our vision for the future!

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