Diversity and inclusion are essential elements of any successful business model in Canada. It is essential to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and respected. While it is central to focus on your families and stakeholders, your workers are the backbone of your operation. In order to ensure job satisfaction, it is imperative that you (as an owner) facilitate a productive, innovative, and engaged workforce.

At the heart of this effort should be a commitment to creating-and maintaining-an open forum that recognizes everyone’s unique vantage point. While this can sound theoretical it can be put into practice through different events and initiatives. Furthermore, cultural awareness training can help workers learn to work within a multicultural framework, ensuring that everyone is met “where they are”. In other words, positivity breeds positivity. An “open door policy” ensures that everyone is heard and validated. Furthermore, be sure to prioritise policies that are targeted towards the well-being of everyone involved in your learning centre.Canada Is Growing Very Diverse, Very Quickly

By taking these steps to integrate diversity and inclusion into your day-to-day operation, you can create an environment where all employees feel safe, cared for, kind towards one another, and empathetic towards those who may face additional challenges due to their identity or circumstances. This makes you attractive as an employer, causing people to see you as leaders in your community. In other words, it is better to lead the pack rather than following behind. In order to secure this right it is essential that you speak out in support of things that will improve the lives of everyone.

It is easy to throw around cheap rhetoric but this is not enough; it requires action. Even though it is against the law to pay people less based on gender-or other protective attributes-many workers can develop resentment if there are managers of only one gender or nationality. Reason being, they may feel that it is impossible to rise to immutable qualities, rather than their skill and aptitude. . Additionally, businesses should be aware of the language they use when communicating with customers or employees to ensure everyone feels comfortable in the work environment. Finally, businesses should strive to be kind and empathetic towards all those who interact with them in order to foster a culture of inclusion in their workplace.

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By integrating diversity and inclusion into your Canadian business-model, you can create an atmosphere where all employees feel welcome regardless of their race, gender identity, sexual orientation or religion. Additionally, it can help foster creativity by providing employees with the freedom to express themselves without fear of judgement or discrimination. This will allow them to open up more and offer more nuanced opinions and perspectives. This will give you an advantage because you are able to connect better with the greater Canadian society and beyond. 

When going through your initial training cycle you will be walked through all the particularities including how to word specific concepts and terms. This will ensure that people are not marginalised or excluded from school discussions or written correspondence. For example, it is preferable to use the term “administrative assistant” rather than “secretary” when referring to the position. Reason being, the latter holds a gendered connotation and ignores males who may be employed in this role. When discussing anything potentially sensitive, be sure to think about how it will be received prior to making anything public. This will ensure that you will have time to craft your words in such a way not to create any potential offence. This is more than just “following the rules” but is about changing the work landscape for the better. 

Even if it takes a little work, the benefits far outweigh the effort needed. Be sure to acknowledge everyone as they ask, making them feel welcome and at home at your place of work. That is real Canadian leadership!

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