For the seventh year in a row, Inspiration Learning Center has come home with the prestigious Franchisor’s Choice Award. Voter by our esteemed colleagues, it recognizes our successes, both financially and immaterial, to the betterment of our stakeholders and to society as a whole. Started over 21 years ago, our East meets West teaching methodology has been fruitful in every way. From getting kids ready for school in Canada, to improving their grades to receiving their acceptance letters from the best universities in the world. For our franchisees, we have helped them realise their dreams and develop financial independence and leave the regular 9-5 grind. From Toronto to Vancouver, our centres are a beacon of hope and excellence, treating everyone as a unique individual and understanding their needs, skills and ambitions. 

How Do We Do It?

Unlike other systems, we do not hand out a manual and let franchisees fend for themselves. Our training program is comprehensive and complete, led by our skilled franchise development team. From our on-site sessions, to time spent at established centres, everything is learned by doing so; it is not just theory. From finding the right location to getting students in the door, we handle everything so that our partners can focus on delivery quality services that merit strong income returns. Built on years of growth, our technique is unfound anywhere else. While others invest in having fancy offices, we invest mostly in our people which are the greatest drivers of interest. It is no wonder why we have the highest retention rate in the market, which allows managers to maintain their key clients while focusing on expansion. In fact, we have the greatest ROI available, since the fixed costs are low and there is little need to hire tutors without having students already set up. Step by step, you will see your client portfolio grow as people trust you and refer to their friends and family. 

Inspiration franchise 2024

Where Do You Fit in?

You do not need to be a teacher to join us as a franchisee but you need to have a low education, students and success. In order to generate interest in the community, you need your students to excel in everything they do. This can be preparing for a test, help with an assignment or practising with communication in general. It is imperative that you put yourself in the shoes of your families, finding out what they need and what is needed to get there. If you can speak additional languages, like those spoken in your jurisdiction, you can explain difficult concepts in your parents’ mother tongue. This helps fuel your marketing campaign by virtue of Canada being an immigration nation where very few of us have been here for more than a couple decades. We have been recognized for our contribution to diversity and inclusion, offering an open door to the Canadian dream. After you have completed our training, and maintain consistent communication with our development team, you will be fully equipped to hit the ground running and get your first students in the door. We have done this time and time again and we are certain that if we work together, in accordance with our mission, we can find win-win situations that will help everyone involved. 

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