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While many people start their own business, only a small percentage are successful and able to grow and adapt. This creates a huge risk to the investor, not sure if their resources will be depleted without reward. While nothing is guaranteed, the risk is greatly mitigated by aligning with a proven formula as opposed to “reinventing the wheel”.

Let’s take KFC as an example, one of the world’s most familiar brands. It was started by a simple man, seeking to improve the quality and taste of fried chicken. While (the late) Colonel Sanders had some early setbacks, his success eventually paid off and he was able to help others grow. His first condition was consistency, ensuring that the same product was enjoyed regardless of where the customer was sitting. In other words, customers have a certain understanding of what a brand represents, creating loyalty that passes from generation to generation.

Consider a modern investor, one that is interested in capitalizing off the success of KFC. Once he (or she) has been approved for licensing, mandating that the new location emulate the corporate design “to a T”. Every detail is spelled out using planograms and schematics, ensuring that there is complete conformity in both aesthetics and food offerings. Backed by periodic inspections, these protocols are built on decades of “trial and error”; insider knowledge that cannot be acquired in short notice.

In consideration for the aforementioned restaurant franchise, the prerequisites are primarily financial in nature while others place industry-specific standards. Consider Inspiration Learning Center as an example, the leading education system as recognized by the Canadian Franchise Association. While there are less capital requirements for opening a center, there are character requirements that must be satisfied. For example, one must have empathetic qualities, especially due to our work with children. While some students progress at a quicker pace, some students need compassion and understanding. These are not abstract concepts but key value-drivers, connecting academic success with our brand.

 Inspiration franchise benefits?

  • Award-winning brand, backed by a strong national advertising campaign.
  • The ability to “share” experts quickly with both HQ and other centers.
  • Proprietary course material, a complimentary revenue generator for the operator.
  • Student referrals for both on-site and virtual programs.
  • Guided Ministry Authorization, acquiring the ability to grant High School Diplomas.
  • Complete “turn-key” operation.

Inspiration management guides partners on every step of the journey, navigating every detail and potential problem. You are never alone. Instead you are part of a committed family of educators, people seeking to improve both their world and the world of their neighbors. You will see your students flourish, coming in with sub-quality grades and (subsequently) bragging to you about their university offers. Your impact is without question, giving children a chance to soar and realize their potential.

We are unlike any other company, building up minorities and traditionally disenfranchised groups. We have been awarded for diversity and inclusion, two precepts that drive our vision. We believe in an inclusive Canada, where everyone has access to financial success and opportunities.

Now we accept new franchises. You can simply ask us to send you Free Franchisee Brochure.