Notice how I didn’t just say “teacher”, I added a qualifier.

In other words, there is a huge difference between someone “doing a job” and someone “living out their vocation.” 

Let me clarify the difference between these two terms.

A job is something that you do in exchange for money, lacking any moral dimension or so forth. While this is a great way to make money, it does not satisfy the human desire for meaning and spiritual fulfilment. 

Does this mean that everyone has to become a teacher?


Yes and no.


No, not everyone has to become a formal teacher, you know, the one that stands in front of a classroom everyday. However, anyone interested can share their knowledge (and experience) with younger people, connecting their world to your own. Many working professionals (think C-level executives) have vocations, executed in tandem with their regular schedule. 


Examples of popular Canadian vocations:


  1. Tutor
  2. Camp director / facilitator 
  3. Big Brother / Big Sister
  4. Daycare @ Church/Synagogue/Temple/Mosque
  5. Boy Scouts / Girl Guides


Many of our tutors are exactly as described above, enriching their professional lives with a chance to give back to the community. They bring “real world” experience to the table, teaching exactly what is expected from them going forward. While many teachers are overworked, our teachers are energetic and patient, willing to go the extra mile


So this sounds rather abstract so let me “break it down” for you. 


A Great Teacher Is…

  1. An expert in their discipline (English, French, Math, Science etc)
  2. Is able to connect with young people, with a little bit of personality and charisma. 
  3. Able to see the “big picture”, years ahead .


Consider two people, one on top of the CT Tower (Canada’s tallest structure) and another at the foot of the (same) building. Imagine they are brothers, identical twins, even.


Is there any difference between them?

Can one see farther than the other?


This metaphor also works for age, with older people being able to see farther into the future.


teacher is more than just a job title, it is a vocation that transcends time, culture, and geographic region. It is how civilizations transfer knowledge, especially before the advent of writing technologies. 


The future is uncertain but the skills that we teach are eternal, with unlimited applications. 

Our teachers are fulfilling their personal calling, satisfying their desire to connect with their local community. They come from all walks of life, ranging from senior university students to business professionals to Havard Alumni and beyond.