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No! Some experience with education will be helpful, but teaching is not necessary. People from all backgrounds can successfully run a learning center. Areas of business, retail, management, economics, administration, or sales and many more are strong starting foundations to be the owner of a learning center. At Inspiration Learning Center, we offer franchise owners comprehensive training in both high school and tutoring systems and how to successfully hire excellent tutors and principals.

The total cost of opening a franchise depends upon the location. Our typical range is in the area of $100, 000 to $150,000. The cost includes an initial franchise fee.

Yes. The royalty fee is calculated based on 10% of the gross sales. The royalty fee is due on a monthly basis.

Yes. The franchise fee is $35,000 to $48, 000 plus tax.

Inspiration Learning Center makes no promises for earnings. Franchise owners must factor in their costs including rent, utilities, and staff payroll. We encourage all potential franchisees to perform their due diligence.

Extensive education training, administrative training and sales training are provided. Continued support is made available to all franchise owners from our franchise support center.

The length of training is  2 weeks at headquarter center or online plus 3 days in the franchisee’s premise.

Yes. A monthly brand development fee 2% of gross sales is paid by each franchisee.

The onset of any business requires committing to longer hours. It is important for franchise owners to be involved in all areas of training, sales, and set up. The retention of a capable staff and the delegation of duties will lessen your work load.

Thinking about becoming an owner and researching the opportunity is a good start. Franchise owners should be strong leaders, with a lot of energy and motivation, and the willingness to put time and effort into their franchise. Accountability to parents and the students and a gift for sales are a must.

For Inspiration Learning Center to accept the franchisee’s application, the franchisee must have a good credit score and financial rating, and must have the financial capital to start a business, and to operate their franchise. The franchisee must demonstrate good people skills, a love for education and must be able to follow the Inspiration Learning Center’s system. A franchise owner must pass an assessment interview before their application will be considered.

No. Each geographical location is divided into different territories.

No. They are not permitted to actively promote or advertise in your territory, but franchise owners should provide clients with referrals to other locations as needed.

Inspiration Learning Centers are typically between 800 – 1500 square feet.

No. Many teachers, recent university graduates and other professionals can be counted on to work part-time tutoring hours.

Tutors must be university graduates, or senior university students. A certification in teaching is an asset but not a requirement.

The center is to be open Monday to Saturday during the school year and in the summer.

Each franchise pays 2% into the Brand development fund. Any other advertising and promotion is the responsibility of each individual learning center. A local marketing spend of 1% is also required.

Enrollment and sales will be covered extensively and comprehensively during training.

Want to pursue your happiness by helping others?

We’ll help you get started, and be there along the way, to help you build your business.

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