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The Inspiration Story, Our Canadian Story
Twenty Years, Twenty Locations, Inspiring Dreams, Inspiring You

Starting on the other side of the planet, in Mainland China, Angel became fascinated with English, looking to improve how children engaged with the material. Instead of just preparing for examinations, Angel encouraged practical conversation. Opening in Nanchang in 1999, Big Mouth English School garnered attention for its enthusiastic atmosphere and learning progress. She subsequently collaborated with Western professionals, perfecting her craft, bridging the East with the West.

2000 was around the time that China started opening up globally, allowing for the free movement of products, services, and personnel. Not only did the East benefit greatly from liberalization, but also the United States, Canada, and the greater Anglosphere. The Eastern method is heavily results driven, a product of a society where opportunity is correlated to academic performance. While the Western method inspires creativity, it falls short in applied application, specifically preparation for “standardized assessments”.

While accepted at San Diego University (California), Angel rejected that offer and instead elected to enroll in a Canadian University. She was immediately fascinated by the country, especially the nature, culture, and people. While the country “checked off her boxes” she was uncertain about how she would be received, sporting an noticeable Asian accent.

Angel at her first learning center, located in Scarborough, Ontario.

On the contrary, Canadians were highly receptive to her warm smile, her willingness to help. She knew that voicing her own insecurities allowed others to voice their own, reducing the tension, improving productivity. Instead of the rigid teacher-student dynamic, Canadian education was collaborative, placing the student at the center.

The first steps took a little getting used to, learning as she went. In 2003 Angel opened up her first Inspiration Learning Center, located on the eastside of Toronto in the neighborhood of Scarborough. She offered a unique learning format, which combined the academic rigor (of the East) with the Western emphasis on the imagination. Instead of asking students to “fill in the spaces” she encouraged them to use what they learned in action, developing stronger analytical skills. A born natural, she could make difficult problems understandable, through skill, patience, and empathy.

Year by year, the network expanded, with franchise requests coming from across the country. First centered in the Greater Toronto Area (Markham, Thornhill, North York, Scarborough, Mississauga, Oakville, Aurora, and more), the brand expanded throughout the Golden Horseshoe and out to the Pacific Ocean.

Today Inspiration is more than just a tutoring brand, it is a comprehensive network of academic experts, career counsellors, and student advocates. We are proud of our alumni, many who have been accepted-and graduated from- top tier institutions like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Mcgill, University of Toronto, and the University of Edinburgh. We offer full high school credits, in addition to the ability to grant (Ontario OSSD) authorized high school diplomas.

The Inspiration Model

We believe that the Eastern Approach (memorization, perfect exam performance) perfectly compliments the Western emphasis on creativity, critical thinking, and innovation. Inspiration inspires greatness, not only in knowledge but the strong communication skills needed to stand out.

Results Driven, The Proof is in The Pudding

Custom Learning Profile Development

Using a holistic approach (emphasising the “whole” student), the Inspiration Team leads the student through a battery of assessments, ranging from subject matter (Math, English, French, Physics, Creative Writing, etc,) to communication ability, strengths, barriers, interests, and more. The goal is to not only understand the student, but help the family plan.


Educational Planning

Guided by seasoned professionals, mapping out every step of the journey towards the child’s goals. This includes (but is not limited to) extracurricular participation, sports and athletics, course-selection and progression, public speaking opportunities, debate-skill development, and competitions.


East Meets West

Using a cyclical approach-which fosters high-grade performance-encouraging students to apply learned material to current events and material of interest. This method connects “Meta-subjects” with the material covered, allowing students to articulate ideas clearly. Inspiration emphasises history in preparing students for the future.


Expert Teachers

Not your regular tutor, our team are passionate educators, currently working in both the public and private sector. Their objective is to not only support their academic needs but also provide strong mentorship, building up the child, allowing them to realize their true potential.


The Inspiration Network

Spans across Canada, the United States and beyond. Connecting guidance counsellors, university admissions professionals, professors, translators, career coaches, clergy, Ivy League Alumni and more. All working together, in solidarity, to make your child’s dreams a reality.

Inspiration, Like a Smile, Is Contagious!
Twenty Years, Twenty Campuses, Proudly Serving Canada

Inspiration grew organically, seeing parents referring their friends after seeing the changes for themselves. Instead of losing optimism, Inspiration teaches students to believe in themselves. The best motivator is academic improvement, allowing them to draw the connection between hard work and reward. Like “Rome”, “Success was not built in a one day”, instead consisting of a series of smaller “wins”. When you show students the “big picture”, and their “share in the future” they themselves become Inspired and share our enthusiasm.

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