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Educational Agency

Inspiration Learning Center is an educational agency that offers a variety of programs and resources to help students enrich their learning, achieve their educational goals, and reach their full potential. Our programs include high quality, professional tutoring services, high school credit courses and educational consulting services. We offer both in-center and virtual tutoring, allowing parents to choose the most flexible schedule that suits their lifestyle. We have been around in the GTA since 2003, with the first center opening in Scarborough, ON.


Inspiration’s founder, Angel Kuang has an enriched teaching background and management experience. Her Eastern and Western teaching method, education and life experiences make Inspiration most unique and sets us apart from other competitors. Through the Eastern education approach of practice and memorization to the West’s utilization of oral communication and emphasis on critical thinking skills, Inspirations provides each student with unique, individual and specialized attention to boost grades, achieve educational goals and encouragement to realize his/her academic potential.​

Our Passion

We are passionate about what we do. Every moment is a chance at excellence, allowing young minds to grow and flourish. We know that when our students succeed, we succeed. Our brand communicates “quality”, words away from competitors who give students work to complete on their own. Our educators are both skilled and compassionate, dedicated to the “little” steps along the way.

Why Inspiration?

  • Proven business system in operation since 2003
  • Five income pillars (tutoring, private school, online platform, educational consulting and retail)
  • Comprehensive training
  • Franchisor present and involved with corporately owned centers
  • On-going professional development and knowledgeable support staff
  • Key territories available in the GTA, Ontario, BC and other provinces where other franchises may be full
  • Not just your ‘typical’ tutoring franchise – a unique combination of Eastern and Western teaching
  • Reasonable start-up costs
  • Member of the Canadian Franchising Association
  • 2018 – 2021 Canadian Franchise Association Franchisees’ Choice Award
  • 2018 Canadian Franchise Association Award of Excellence Silver recipient
  • 2019, 2022 Canadian Franchise Association Award of Excellence Gold recipient
  • 2019, 2022 Canadian Franchise Association Award of Excellence Grand Prize
  • 2019 Canadian Franchise Association Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award
  • 2020, 2021 Canadian Franchise Association Award of Excellence Silver recipient
  • 2020 Recognition Awards Program Special CFA Hall of Fame Award
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